Las Puertas de la Vida (The Gates of Life)

2019 – Present

An altar devoted to the origins of life.

This piece was born from the desire to give presence and a place to femininity for it is the gate that receives the seed of life. The same gate we all go through to arrive at existence is also a vessel of pleasure and pain.

My purpose is to reveal the uniqueness and beauty of each one of these gates. The image is captured as a self-portrait with a scanner by each woman in her greatest intimacy. Then, it is digitally processed and converted into icons that recall sacred representations of deities from time immemorial. 

Each icon is the result of an act of vulnerability and self-acceptance. It is a sincere manifestation, free from shame and dogma. It opens a new way of bonding with the body and the psyche when liberated from taboo. The gate opens peacefully again to connect from great respect with the fountain of life that lies invisible within.