The Gates of Life . The Ring, The Seal


This piece is born from the experience of looking back at myself, the beginning of a journey through my femininity and the discovery of the wonderful complexity that being a woman means. Each Door of Life represents the altar of a goddess, the door of her sacred temple in which all the secrets and all the answers are.
May your journey within be sweet, sister. Good path.

A ring created from a scan of your Gate of Life, your vulva. A unique ring, your own and unique seal. The altar of your femininity in a ring. A personal art piece created only for you.

Your symbol in a ring, a work of art specially made for you from a scan of your vulva, your Gate of Life. An altar in your hand. An exceptional and exclusive jewel. A unique piece like yourself. 

The Gates of Life . The Pendant, The Seal


Not long ago it was just an idea. Now our icons are much closer to our hearts.

The Gates of Life
The Pendant, the seal
3D cast in steel
Unique piece