Bosques Intangibles (Intangible Forests)


During the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown months, longing is one of the most common topics. The desire to explore familiar, rural, and bucolic landscapes, sometimes urban and crowded, was common.
From this desire arises Bosques Inmateriales, a work that proposes the inseparability of the individual and their environment through the simultaneous impressionist representation of forests.
The images overlap like the thoughts of our memories. These intertwined new vedute allow us to observe common places that perhaps we have visited a thousand times or more, evoking a sense of belonging and nostalgia that arise when we do not live there anymore.

100cm x 66cm + 150cm x 99cm | Inkjet printing on aluminum
Wingreis in spring, Busswil in spring, Chasseral in spring, Tavannes in spring, Etang de la Gruère in spring, Bözingen in summer, Trub in autumn, Wingreis in autumn, Etang de la Gruère in autumn.