Ciudades Inmateriales (Immaterial Cities)

2016 – Present

Inspired by the vedutisti, Eggli creates a series of interconnected cities that show in each of the ten emblematic images overlapped. With this technique the artist represents the way in which memories melt like echoes in her mind. Remembrances of places visited for the first time and at the same time witnesses of re-encounters with her loved ones.

The Immaterial Cities are a tribute to those territories where migrants find a place to flourish and grow in harmony and peace… the new hometowns of her family and friends who are, like herself, members of the Venezuelan diaspora. 


100cm x 66cm | Inkjet printing on aluminum

Amsterdam, Arles, Basel, Bern, Berlin, Biel, Brighton, Buenos Aires, Büren an der Aare,  Hannover, London, Madrid, Miami, Nidau, Paris, Stuttgart, Thun, Tüscherz, Zürich.