Ciudades Inmateriales (Immaterial Cities)

2016 – Present

Ciudades Inmateriales is a piece of interconnected images that, when overlapped, represent the immensity of fleeting memories, echoing the long-lasting impressions of the places that became a part of my life from the moment I visited them.

Ciudades Inmateriales is a search for identity through the objectivity of what is real, and the subjectivity of my personal perception. When I think of a city, it is impossible for me to remember one particular place. When I think of a city, buildings, rivers, towers, squares, clocktowers, and bridges intertwine diffusely in my mind.

The purpose of this work is to portray with images the different impressions that each city made on me. Images that had only lived in my imagination until I went there.

100cm x 66cm | Inkjet printing on aluminum
Arles, Madrid, Miami, London, Biel, Bern, Berlin, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Brighton, Paris, Tüscherz, Thun, Basel, Zürich, Nidau, Büren an der Aare.