THE GATES OF LIFE – The Performance, the Workshop

FRIDAY 4.11.22 / 18:30h


  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Opening of the circle.
  • Small meditation to connect with the energy of the group.
  • Talking circle, sharing experiences and impressions of the work/show.
  • Womb meditation / yoni blessing / earth connection meditation.
  • Talking circle, sharing experiences.
  • Closing of the circle.
  • Small tea/snack and farewell / scan experience

NOTE: Bring a wide shawl and comfy clothes.

CHF 30.00

The workshop intends to present an experience similar to the one that inspired The Gates of Life in a women’ circle for those interested in connecting with their femininity through womb meditations and other ritual practices. 

I will lead the workshop myself, which will be attended by a maximum of 12 women. The participants will sit in a circle on chairs or cushions suitable for meditation depending on the facilities of the room. Eventually I will be accompanied by a local performer to guide an experience related to the work such as womb meditation, yoni blessing or earth connection meditation.

After the event there will be a comfortable and private space available where participants who so wish can take a selfie of their vulvas using a lightweight, wireless scanner, in a gesture that emulates a caress to one's intimacy for the development of their icon or any piece of their choice. From these scanographies, new icons (prints on canvas) and testimonies (audio) will be obtained, which will give shape to an installation that will be completed under reliefs on handmade paper. Derived from the two-dimensional work are also two pieces of wear art cast in steel with 3D printing technique - the ring and the pendant. The two latter are unique and exclusive pieces for each woman.

This proposal stems from an installation presented at the Land Art Biel 2019 festival in the forest of Bözingen, Switzerland. For the creation of this site-specific exhibition, three women scanned their vulvas and the icons resulting from the editing of those images were printed on large 5 x 2 m canvases that were hoisted seven meters high among huge Douglas fir trees. This work aroused the interest of the public and the media and opened a space for dialogue over body, origin and identity.