Au Joli Mois De Mai

Apr 14, 2022

A new exhibition is coming up and this time very close to home. The city of Biel/Bienne celebrates this year the 20th edition of the festival Au Joli Mois de Mai and during the month of May there will be every day different collective or solo exhibitions of regional artists. It’s a great opportunity to see what’s going on in the workshops of Seeland’s creative artists.

This year I have been invited again and I will be presenting THE GATES OF LIFE on May 29th from 17h to 22h. A multidimensional work that was born as an installation of icons printed on huge semi-translucent canvases that I presented in the forest of Bözingen as part of the LandArt Biel/Bienne 2019 festival. This work began as a manifesto that opens a new relationship with those doors we all go through to arrive at this existence, the common origin.

You are invited to the reunion with these Gates of Life in the Alte Krone.

I am looking forward to seeing you!

FATA MORGANA by beatriz eggli

FATA MORGANA by beatriz eggli

Some individuals and certain animals experience a strong attachment to their place of origin, their home, or any space that provides them with familiarity and security. After eleven years since my last visit home, I continue in the constant pursuit of rooting myself...

white on white – prints, objects and paintings

white on white – prints, objects and paintings

Janeth Berrettini invites Beatriz Eggli Using the colour white as a bridge – the two Venezuelan-born artists install a dialogue with recent works on tropical clichés and female identity. November 5th 2022 18:00h Concert 18:30hHermann Bühler Alto sax solo Atelier 2.30...



4. – 27. November 2022 Lis Blunier, Beatriz Eggli, Johanna Frautschi, Esther-Lisette Ganz, Miroslaw Halaba, Daniela de Maddalena, Susan Mézquita, Thomas Schori, Ruedy Schwyn, Anke Zürn Nachdem die Visarte Biel/Bienne in den vergangenen Jahren das Ausstellungsformat...