Ciudades Inmateriales (Immaterial Cities)

2016 – Present
100cm x 66cm | Inkjet printing on aluminum

Las Puertas de la Vida (Gateways To Life)

2019 – Present

Bosques Intangibles (Intangible Forests)


El Poder de la Vulnerabilidad (The Power Of Vulnerability)

2018 – Present

Inflorescencias (Inflorescences)

2018 – Present


I look for sacred manifestations in the most profane realities, within an intimate framework, and without barriers, resorting to techniques such as scanning and the superimposition of images, which caress the spirituality and the divinity that lies at the skin surface; An internal dialogue about identity, memory and the physical body as a home and a vehicle for connection.


BEATRIZ EGGLI is a Swiss photographer born in Caracas, Venezuela. She studied Photodesign at the School of Design in Bern and has participated in various exhibitions in several countries.

"The impermanence of memory is a theme that I began to work on in albumen prints, fusing elements drawn from my memories in Venezuela with landscapes of my surroundings during my integration process in Switzerland. Superimpositions of photographs taken during visits to friends and relatives in the diaspora help me to capture the way in which my memory mixes images of the places that have become home and refuge for so many of my affections.

I am currently motivated to give visibility to my internal dialogue about identity and the physical body, which I understand as a home and a vehicle for connection. I use a scanner to achieve an intimate approach and with it I caress the surface of the skin in search of sacred manifestations in the most profane realities. I continue the path of the body and use my blood and hair to create new images and explore new media."


2021, 2019 Arty Show Neuchatel, Neuchatel, Switzerland
2021 Arty Show Biel, Biel, Switzerland
2021, 2019 Visarte – Au Joli Mois de Mai, Biel, Switzerland
2020 Pop-Up Atelier, Zürich, Switzerland
2020 GBG Arts, In Casa, Madrid, Spain
2019 Entre Les Temps, Biel, Switzerland
2019 LandArt Biel-Bienne, Bözingen forest, Switzerland
2019, 2018 and 2017 Encounters Artspace, Brighton, United Kingdom
2019 GBG Arts, Art Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
2018 El Castillo del Vino, Bern, Suiza
2018 Gewölbe Galerie, Biel, Suiza
2018 Pixeles en GBG Arts, Imago Art in Action, Miami, U.S.A
2017 Encounters Artspace, Brighton, United Kingdom
2017 Vitro Festival Romont, Romont, Switzerland
2015 and 2016 SFGBB, Bern, Switzerland
2015 El Retiro Cafe, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2014 Eat Intuition, Paris, France
2011 One Life International Photography Competition – Exposure Award. Collective projection in New York City U.S.A.
2009 Venezuelan Embassy in Bern, Switzerland


2019 “Encountering Encounters, A 10-year artistic journey” von Miladys Parejo
2011 One Life – Stories Told Through Photography
2011 Book Cover “Die Magie des Bauens – alte Ritualen neu entdeckt” by Leonie Eicher